Electron Microscopy Core Facility

The facility provides advanced expertise in electron microscopy, from sample preparation to image analysis, for a wide variety of biological samples.

Immuno-labeling for EM

Immuno-labeling is an important activity within the facility, emphasizing a strong expertise in post-embedding, on-section immuno-gold labeling. The facility is able to adapt the protocols to each project, by offering the choice between different types of fixation (high-pressure-freezing, chemical fixation) and different embedding procedures. One selected paper joined to this dossier illustrates well the power of the technique, and how instrumental it is for the understanding of key biological questions such cytoskeletal organization through cell division (Funaya et al, 2012).

Immungold labeling is a routine technique offered by the facility. In this work, performed by Charlotta Funaya, an EGFP tagged protein targeted to the trans-Golgi network was stained with an anti-GFP antibody revealed with 10nm gold particles (Teresa Alonso, IBGM, Valladolid, Spain).