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EMBL Insight Lecture 2015


The EMBL Insight Lecture 2015 “Cell division in focus – imaging an essential step of life” was presented by EMBL group leader Dr. Jan Ellenberg on 20th November 2015.

Jan Ellenberg – who is Senior Scientist and Head of the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit – and his research group study cell division and organisation of the nucleus at EMBL Heidelberg. In his talk, Jan Ellenberg provided an introduction to mammalian cell biology, discussed how individual molecular building blocks create a functional cell and what we know about cell division. In the main part of his talk, Jan Ellenberg discussed how genetic approaches can be combined with high-throughput light microscopy and computational modelling and analysis to uncover the molecular mechanisms behind cell divisions.

Concepts covered

• Cells’ architecture and their building blocks
• Cell division: the basis of life
• How to analyze mitotic genes?/ siRNA microarrays
• High-throughput time laps imaging
• Computational phenotyping from imaging data
• Tagging proteins by Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)
• Cell division at the beginning of mammalian life
• Light Sheet Microscopy
• Tracking cells in the embryo and lineage reconstruction
• Stem cells fate specification

Watch lecture

The EMBL Insight Lecture is available via on-demand-streaming from this website. You can watch it directly in the window below. Alternatively, you can open the EMBL Insight Lecture here.

Further reading

Topic area:  Cell biology, Microscopy & Imaging

Age group:  16-19