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Nexus Island in the Library

On Thursday 29.6.2023, Szilárd Library hosted a workshop “Nexus Island” for the first time at EMBL Heidelberg.

Our colleague Michele, who designed the workshop as part of the TREC expedition, gathered a cheerful group of our enthusiastic colleagues.

Everyone entering the library at that time would notice a huge sheet specially designed covering all the foyer floor. Participants used attractive cards to follow the tasks and help the Mayor, a main character of this game-based educational activity, in solving environmental problems of the island.

Positive feedback describing our event as entertaining, interactive and well organized confirmed that the workshop is a great way to experience what our researchers do running the scientific expedition TREC.

Our guests had the opportunity to discover the new acquisitions on “Green” topics in the library collection, and to enjoy coffee and cake.

We are looking forward to organizing more workshops with the SEPE team.