Scientific Visitor Programme

Enabling external scientists and students to benefit from new collaborations, technologies and state-of-the-art equipment

Practical information

Financial support

Visits to EMBL are generally unpaid. Financial support towards housing and living cost is up to the discretion of the group leader in accordance to their budget. Visitors are advised to explore available funding opportunities, including through EMBL.


Please arrange for your individual travel to the EMBL site of your choice.


Depending on the availability at the different EMBL sites, accommodation for visitors coming to EMBL can be provided. There are guesthouse at the different sites run by EMBL or in cooperation with local partners, as well as the ISG Hotel in Heidelberg for shorter stays. The Scientific Visitor Programme is happy to support you in booking accommodation in one of the guesthouses or by providing information on the local housing market.

For assistance at the different EMBL sites with housing and other local arrangements as well as visa support for Spain, France and Italy, please contact the following contact persons:

EMBL Barcelona:

Silvia Autet Balcells

EMBL-EBI Hinxton:


EMBL Grenoble:

Elise Bralet

EMBL Rome:

Pascale Beudin

EMBL Hamburg:

Margret Fischer

Visa-related matters / residence permits and insurances

EMBL Human Resources are your point of contact for all relevant information such as visa and residence permit regulations, health insurance, accident-at-work insurance, etc. Once accepted for a scientific visit, the Human Resources contracts team will be happy to assist you.

Funding possibilities

Please check this information at regular intervals as new funding opportunities may arise.

Christian Boulin Fellowships

For selected visitors to our Core Facilities, a limited number of Christian Boulin Fellowships are available from EMBL.

The Fellowships support travel and accommodation costs for young scientists from EMBL Member States, Associate and Prospect Member States. Applications can be submitted at any time, as long as the project has received a positive evaluation from the Core Facilities.

DANEMO fellowships for Danish scientists

DANEMO, the Danish ministerial office promoting participation of Danish PhDs and Postdocs in EMBL and EMBO, offers fellowships to support Danish researchers interacting with EMBL.

Health + Life Science Alliance Heidelberg Mannheim

Seven of the most prominent scientific research institutions in the Rhine-Neckar region (EMBL being one of them) are collaborating in this research alliance with the goal of building the region into an internationally leading biomedical-technological cluster for life sciences, the health economy and medical technology. Support is provided through their Visitor Programme for medium-term stays of guest scientists visiting one or several of the member institutions.

Life Science Alliance Exchange grants

Three exchange grants are awarded per year for researchers from EMBL and Stanford University to undertake a visit of up to 3 months at the partner institution.

Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

The Portuguese Foundation FCT supports the scientific community in Portugal through different funding programmes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I perform several visits at EMBL?

Yes, provided that an EMBL group leader accepts you for a visit, you can do several scientific visits to EMBL. Nevertheless, we would like to remind you to keep in mind the rules for prior association with EMBL for candidates for the EMBL International PhD Programme.

How long does a visit take?

There is no determined duration for visits to EMBL. Duration can vary from a few days up to one year.

Are internships at EMBL paid?

Internships at EMBL are generally unpaid. Financial support towards housing is up to the discretion of the group leader in accordance to their budget. Visitors are advised to consider funding from their home universities or to explore the possibilities of receiving grants or fellowships. Please also check the funding opportunities available through EMBL.

Can non-scientific visitors equally come to EMBL?

EMBL receives visitors from all parts of society depending on availability. Please contact the department that you’re interested in visiting.

I registered for a conference organised by EMBL. Who can I contact if I have a question?

Please contact the EMBL Course & Conference Office.