Food services



Open times

Monday to Friday (11:45 – 13:30)

Every day guests can choose between fresh fish, meat, three different vegetarian meals, all kinds of side dishes, a large salad bar and various desserts.

Sometimes dishes are prepared in front cooking or outside on the barbecue.

Beverages, juice, soft drinks and water are also available.


Please note that in the Canteen as well as in the Cafeteria payments can only be made with the EMBL lunch card.

If you wish to order lunch tickets for your guests please use the order form.

Price range

Appetizer€ 3.00 – € 3.50
Meat€ 3.00 – € 3.80
Fish€ 3.00 – € 5.00
Pasta€ 3.00 – € 3.50
Side dish€ 0.85 – € 1.30
Vegetarian dish€ 1.80 – € 3.00
Salad€ 1.60 (small bowl)
€ 2.20 (medium plate)
€ 3.00 (large plate)
Slice of dark bread€ 0.30
Slice of white bread€ 0.30
Desserts€ 1,10 – € 1.60
Fruit€ 0.65
Ice cream€ 0.90 – € 1.70
Beverage€ 1.15 (0.2 l juice)
€ 1.65 (1 l soft drinks, water)
Fountain waterFree of charge


Please understand that the prices mentioned above can only indicate an approximate range and are subject to size and quality of the offered dishes.

An Argentinean Angus beef cannot be on offer for 2 €, one day the pieces of fish are bigger and the next day they are smaller, so the price can vary.


Please place your order for team meetings, beer sessions, courses, workshops and other events with Cafeteria/Catering.

Contact and feedback

If you have any kind of feedback (both positive or negative), feel free to drop us a line on a piece of paper and make us aware of your wishes or suggestions.