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The Cafeteria offers all kinds of fresh breads, pastries, sandwiches, fruit and beverages as well as coffee and tea at any time working hours.

Monday to Friday

08:30 – 19:00

Snack Machine


For your convenience we also offer a selection of hot dishes that are made to order between 16:30 and 18:30. For detailed information about the order process and dishes, please see our menu.

Also you will find a small selection of hot dishes in our Snack Vending machine in front of the Cafeteria 24/7.


Please note that in the Cafeteria as well as in the Canteen payments can only be made with the EMBL lunch card.

If you wish to order lunch tickets for your guests please use the order form.


Please place your order for team meetings, beer sessions, courses, workshops and other events with Cafeteria/Catering.

Please note that orders have to be picked up from the Cafeteria and equipment must be returned there. When you go and pick up your order, please check whether your order is complete.

If you wish to speak to Cafeteria staff beforehand, please contact us by dialing 8546 or 7840.

Contact and feedback

If you have any kind of feedback (both positive or negative), feel free to drop us a line on a E-Mail and make us aware of your wishes or suggestions. We appreciate your opinion.


e-mail: cafeteria@embl.de

Tel: 8546 or 7840