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Microtubules: From atoms to complex systems


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Symposium Overview

The microtubule cytoskeleton is essential for a wide variety of cellular functions, such as chromosome segregation, directed vesicle and organelle transport, cell motility and cell polarity. Impaired microtubule function can lead to human diseases including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, where microtubules serve as important therapeutic targets. In recent years, interdisciplinary approaches embracing cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology and mathematical modelling have made a tremendous impact on microtubule research.

The progressive diversification of the microtubule field has created the need for a strong meeting that unifies the community and brings together researchers from different disciplines interested in microtubule research. This role has been played by this conference series, which was initiated in 2010. Our meetings bring together early-career and established researchers from all over the world who are interested in fundamental microtubule biology and its impact on organism development, homeostasis and disease. As in our previous meetings, this new symposium will feature inspirational keynote and landmark lectures, a large number of short talk opportunities selected from the submitted abstracts, and lively poster sessions, as well as special activities for networking and advancing EMBO global initiatives.

Session Topics

  • Structural determinants of microtubule formation
  • Control of microtubule dynamics
  • Microtubules in cell division
  • Building cilia and centrioles
  • Cilia formation and function
  • Cytoskeletal cross-talk and spatial organisation
  • Microtubules in differentiated cells
  • Visualisation of scientific results
  • Emerging topics


Keynote speaker

Landmark lecturers


Gaia Pigino

Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics


Iva Tolic

Ruđer Bošković Institute



Conference Organisers


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Date: 8 - 11 Jun 2022

Location: EMBL Heidelberg


  • Anna Akhmanova
    Utrecht University, The Netherlands
    • Carsten Janke
      Institut Curie, France

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