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Presenting EMBL’s successes and important events during Edith Heard's first year as Director General.

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From genomes to organisms: The Digital Biology progamme

From genes to whole organisms, from biochemistry to computational biology, EMBL’s diverse research programme is pushing the limits of our biological knowledge. EMBL researchers are inventing cutting-edge experimental techniques and technologies to further explore the secrets of life.

Powering world-class research through tools, data and facilities

EMBL serves a community of millions of life scientists working in laboratories and research institutions all over the world. Our core facilities provide physical experimental services from genome sequencing to synchrotrons, and EMBL-EBI maintains the world’s most comprehensive range of freely available and up-to-date molecular data resources.

Investing in people and developing the scientists of tomorrow

EMBL runs educational conferences, seminars, events and professional development for all levels of experience. Whether you’re still in high school or a professional academic, working at EMBL or just visiting, our diverse training and education prospectus has something for everyone.



EMBL’s site in Spain specialises in tissue biology and disease modelling


Located on the EPN science campus, EMBL’s site in France is a centre for structural biology studies


Research in structural biology benefits from the powerful accelerator facilities on Hamburg’s DESY campus


EMBL’s headquarters and host to five research units and scientific core facilities


EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute uses its comprehensive data resources to enable discoveries worldwide


EMBL’s site in Italy is a centre for research in epigenetics and neurobiology

EMBL's response

Our contribution to fighting the pandemic.

EMBL is applying its skills, expertise, and resources

About EMBL


Understanding how cells work and how they are organised


Chemical tools to answer biological questions


Computing to analyse data from a range of biological experiments


How a single cell becomes a multicellular organism

Disease models

Cell and statistical approaches to better understand diseases


Studying the genetic blueprint that coordinates all cellular processes


Cutting-edge technology, zooming into life at the tiniest scales


How biological tissues develop, work, regenerate, and heal

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