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Our mission is to train scientists. This blog is a platform for us to share updates on our annual programme, tips and tricks for scientists, new e-learning opportunities, and sometimes just something to make you smile.

The EMBL Course and Conference Office was established in 1983 to support EMBL scientists in the organisation of conferences, medium-sized workshops, practical courses, EMBL internal and one-off events. 

Rebecca Nicholl Holobiont: driving biodiversity and agriculture research

Explore environmental DNA for assessing biodiversity

Learn how to apply metabarcoding analysis to eDNA for assessing biodiversity with the NERC Environmental Omics Facility (NEOF), UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UK-CEH), and EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Insitute. Sequencing DNA barcodes from mixed sources of DNA is being increasingly…

Ashley Dillow

Best poster prize at ‘Subcortical sensory circuits’

Last November we welcomed leading researchers in the field to discuss different subcortical circuits involving various sensory modalities and revisit their increasingly complex and interconnected contributions to perception, behavior, and cognition. The new EMBO Workshop ‘Subcortical…

Carolina Cuadras

Best poster prizes at EMBL Conference ‘Cancer genomics’

A few weeks ago, the EMBL Conference ‘Cancer genomics’ brought scientists from diverse disciplines connected to cancer research, creating a unique opportunity for interaction and fostering greater integration of these collaborative efforts. The event was nothing short of amazing, with…

Ashley Dillow

The gardeners of EMBL: a portrait

Have you ever stopped to marvel at the beautiful landscaping of the EMBL campus, full of fascinating flowers, colourful foliage, and diverse plants? We have three dedicated gardeners to thank for making EMBL Heidelberg’s grounds comparable to that of a botanical garden. Georg Körber, Head…



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