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Our mission is to train scientists. This blog is a platform for us to share updates on our annual programme, tips and tricks for scientists, new e-learning opportunities, and sometimes just something to make you smile.

The EMBL Course and Conference Office was established in 1983 to support EMBL scientists in the organisation of conferences, medium-sized workshops, practical courses, EMBL internal and one-off events. 
Ashley Dillow

Introducing the 2025 EMBL Annual Poster!

New science awaits! We are excited to introduce you to our brand-new programme coming next year. Have a look at the 2025 EMBL Annual Poster to discover events that will enhance your skills, connect you with scientific communities, and keep you updated on the latest discoveries in life science…

Ashley Dillow

Our new programme is here! Are you ready for 2024?

2024 is a special year for us: it marks 50 years of EMBL! As such, we’ve got a fantastic programme lined up for you. Check out our 2024 EMBL Annual Poster and mark your calendars, because we’re already thrilled to see you here for another year of fascinating science, networking with…

Rebecca Nicholl EMBL's transversal themes

Discover our new events

In line with EMBL’s transversal themes, we’ve introduced some new events for 2024’s calendar of courses and conferences. EMBL’s research aims to understand the basis of life, gaining a molecular understanding of organisms in the context of different environments. EMBL scientists…

Rebecca Nicholl

Upcoming deadlines at EMBL-EBI Training

Are you looking for computational training? These events are due to close their applications very soon, don’t miss your chance to join us in Hinxton, UK at EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute. Trainees look at files and computers together in the EMBL-EBI Training suite Trainer,…

Ashley Dillow

The 2023 EMBL Annual Poster is here!

Are you ready for another year full of groundbreaking science? We sure are! Our 2023 EMBL Annual Poster is out now, and we’re already looking forward to welcoming you to EMBL for a new year of scientific exchange, training and development, and networking amongst peers. New meetings on topics such…

Ildiko Bernat-Pongo

Metagenomics and Ribosome Profiling Smartly Explained

The science behind molecular biology is advancing fast and scientists are eager to create and share new content. But the more content is being created, the harder it is to reach the desired audience. Therefore, the scientific community has had to come up with new attractive formats to help spread…

Rebecca Nicholl

Join EMBL-EBI training at our Wednesday Webinars!

If you’re looking for bite-sized learning opportunities delivered by EMBL-EBI experts, then our regular series of webinars might be just what you are looking for! EMBL-EBI’s Training team has been running a series of webinars since 2013, featuring speakers from across EMBL and beyond. Over the…

Carolina Cuadras

Meet the EMBL Events Team: Diah

You’ve just got to meet Diah. She is one bright star whose sparkle shines when she speaks, and you’ll end up smiling every time you talk to her. She joined the Course and Conference Office in 2012, then moved to her home country of Indonesia in 2018 before re-joining EMBL in 2020 (yes, in the…