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EMBL’s new centralized training catalogue

The newly developed training catalogue is a game-changer for EMBL staff and fellows, centralizing all internal training opportunities into a single, easily accessible platform. Previously, there was no unified location where staff and fellows could get a comprehensive overview of available training. Instead of navigating through multiple intranet pages or emails, users can now find all training information in one place. This article delves into the development and features of this innovative tool.

Development and Integration

Developed in close cooperation with the EMBL-EBI web development team, the training catalogue is an integral part of the EMBL intranet, built on the robust WordPress platform. The project leverages the flexibility and scalability of WordPress, integrating various data feeds and custom post types to create a seamless user experience.

The catalogue consolidates sources from different feeds such as Bio-IT, EMBL-EBI live and on-demand training, and utilizes native WordPress custom post types. This integration ensures that the content is dynamically updated and reflects the latest training opportunities. The system is designed with scalability in mind, allowing for the future addition of new training providers and categories without disrupting the existing structure.

What Can I Find in the Catalogue?

No matter your role at EMBL, the catalogue offers access to all available training, whether it is live (scheduled) or on-demand (accessible at your convenience). The initial launch includes training in the areas of Professional Development and Training, Complementary Scientific Skills, Health & Safety, EMBL Bio-IT, and EMBL-EBI training.

Available Information and Usage

Live training sessions are organized chronologically, with each summary providing an overview of the course, its location, format, category, and registration status. On-demand training currently provides links to all on-demand training providers in one place. Future updates will transform this into a searchable, ordered catalogue with detailed entries for each specific training module.

Users can utilize the search bar and filters within the catalogue to find relevant training. Clicking on a course will direct users to the specific training provider’s page for more information and registration.

Accessing the Catalogue

The catalogue is easily accessible via the EMBL intranet. It can also be found by typing “training” in the search bar, in the quick links on the home page, or in the Life at EMBL category. Additionally, the link is included in EMBL’s fortnightly internal newsletter, featuring examples of available training.

Uploading Training to the Catalogue

The catalogue covers content from various areas, each with its own owner. Most content is automatically fed into the catalogue through a new setup in the intranet WordPress system. As the system evolves, more training providers and categories will be integrated. If you have training content that is not yet included, contact Adam Broadbent or Rachel Palmer.

Technical Highlights

  • WordPress Platform: Utilizes the robust and flexible WordPress CMS for ease of integration and scalability.
  • Custom Post Types: Leverages native WordPress custom post types to manage and display training content effectively.
  • Dynamic Data Integration: Aggregates various data feeds, ensuring up-to-date information.
  • Scalability: Designed to accommodate future expansion seamlessly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the process of finding and registering for training courses.

This centralized training catalogue represents a significant technical achievement, ensuring that all EMBL staff and fellows have easy access to the training resources they need to excel in their roles.