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EMBL.org: Putting our best footer forward

Ken Hawkins

In partnership with colleagues from across EMBL and EMBL-EBI we have created and implemented this first in a range of subtle — but broad — improvements to support the footer and navigation across One EMBL.org.

On Book Making

Sarah Nguyen

Hi, I’m Sarah, a design trainee from Australia who has been on the EMBL design team for 7 months now. For the past few months i’ve been working on the EMBL Teenager activity book. This book is just one example of the variety of projects the design team takes on. Creating something from…

Design Burst // February 2019

Tabea Rauscher

The Design team are happy to share the visual output from February. We would like to use this post to thank all our colleagues and stakeholders for the great collaboration, input and support on various projects and all kinds of different communications channels.

Science and Design

Roberto Aarnio

Hello! I’m Roberto, a graphic design intern from Finland who is about to complete his six-month internship at EMBL Heidelberg. I started at EMBL in August 2018. As a graphic design intern at EMBL, I worked in the Strategy and Communications department. I have had the pleasure to work with a very…

Update on our typeface choice: IBM Plex

Tabea Rauscher

Earlier last year I documented how we approached selecting a new typeface for EMBL. We’ve come pretty far with testing and would like to thank our digital team as well as the web development team at EMBL-EBI for their feedback. During the intense testing phase, we realised that Fira had some…

Introducing the Digital Projects Dashboard

Cian OLuanaigh

After a relaxing end-of-year break, the digital team is back in Heidelberg and raring to get started on our many projects. This week we built a dashboard to help us to keep track of the scope, status and dependencies of our nearly two-dozen projects.

Design Burst // November 2018

Tabea Rauscher

Our team has been very busy with the EMBL corporate design guidelines.These will be shared in spring 2019. So stay tuned!Meanwhile, have a look at our visual output in November 2018.We wish all of you a lovely Christmas time!