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Informing, inspiring, and engaging society with EMBL’s research, services and training

As a publicly funded organisation, EMBL has both a responsibility and an interest to feed back on its work by communicating its innovative research programmes and cutting-edge science, and bringing the questions, concerns and responses of the public to the laboratory.

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Szymon Kasprzyk

EMBL’s new centralized training catalogue

The newly developed training catalogue is a game-changer for EMBL staff and fellows, centralizing all internal training opportunities into a single, easily accessible platform. Previously, there was no unified location where staff and fellows could get a comprehensive overview of available…

Mark Boulton

Digital communications update: July/August 2018

Every month, for a few months, we’ve been sending an update to our department an update in a simple format: what we did last month, and what we’re planning to do next month. Of course, as the team grows, this makes for a longer update but we think the detail is important. It helps us…

Mark Boulton

Digital comms update: May 2018

We’re trying a new thing. Every month, I will be letting you know what we’ve done during that month, and what we’re planning next. We’ll also send out an email – let me know if you want to be added to the list. Why are we doing this? To keep you all up to date! […]