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One laboratory. Six locations. Global reach.

The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is a single organisation spread across six European locations. Each of our sites hosts its own research units, services and facilities.


Barcelona location


EMBL’s site in Spain specialises in tissue biology and disease modelling

Grenoble location


Located on the EPN science campus, EMBL’s site in France is a centre for structural biology studies

Hamburg location


Research in structural biology benefits from the powerful accelerator facilities on Hamburg’s DESY campus

EMBL Heidelberg location


EMBL’s administrative headquarters and host to five research units and scientific core facilities

EMBL Hinxton UK location


EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute uses its comprehensive data resources to enable discoveries worldwide

EMBL Rome location


EMBL’s site in Italy is a centre for research in epigenetics and neurobiology


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With 27 member states, laboratories at six locations across Europe and thousands of scientists and engineers working together, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) is a powerhouse of biological expertise. The intergovernmental organisation, headquartered in Heidelberg, was founded in 1974 with the mission of promoting molecular biology research in Europe, training young scientists, and developing new technologies.

EMBL currently employs 1800 people in Barcelona, ​​Grenoble, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Hinxton near Cambridge (UK), and Rome.

Publishing hundreds of research articles and hosting dozens of conferences every year, EMBL is pouring out biological insights, and training Europe’s future scientific talent.