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One laboratory. Six locations. Global reach.

With more than 200 staff, in all support areas, ranging from caretakers and gardeners to senior management staff, EMBL Administration provides administrative support to more than 1600 members of personnel from in excess of 75 nations. The team is dedicated to maintaining high quality services to staff at all EMBL sites.

Administration units

EMBL Administration units are responsible for supporting all parts of EMBL and for undertaking and delivering long-term strategic administrative planning.

Administrative support is offered to all employees covering all aspects of their working life: day-to-day paperwork, purchase orders, grants, scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, and more. The Administration units aim to support all staff with a high-standard of service, in order to assist EMBL in maintaining excellence in research.

Facility Management

Facility Management deals with a wide range of problems, from a dripping tap or malfunctioning plug to building construction.


The Finance unit controls and administers all aspects of the laboratory's finances.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Office is concerned with all work-related aspects of safety, in particular biological, chemical and radiation safety, at all EMBL sites.

Human Resources

The aim of Human Resources is to support EMBL's mission through delivering high-level services throughout the organisation.

Legal Services

Legal Services are responsible for promoting and protecting EMBL's interests in all legal matters, both internally and externally.

Ombuds Office

The Ombudsperson provides impartial and confidential services that can help EMBL employees to resolve and cope more effectively with difficult situations and conflicts in the workplace.


Overall responsibility of all procurement-related activities at EMBL's six sites across Europe lies with the main laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany – the outstations are independent in their daily activities.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for maintaining close working relationships with national and local authorities in the host countries of the EMBL sites.

Other Services to Staff

EMBL strives to assist employees in establishing a smooth working life at the Laboratory.


With accommodation in the Lab's hotel and guesthouses and a housing service, we contribute to the quick and easy relocation of new staff at EMBL headquarters.

EMBL kindergarten offers all-day childcare for children aged from three months to six years, allowing their parents to concentrate on their work and supporting an improved career-family balance.

EMBL's canteen and cafeteria offer a wide range of healthy and tasty options and often cater for special events.

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