Bioethics Services

A central point of contact for ethics at EMBL

The Bioethics Services team provide advice and support on the practical implementation of ethical questions arising during EMBL’s research

Bioethics Services provide advice for all ethics-related at EMBL across human, animal, environmental and technological ethics. They are responsible for research ethics governance, such as managing and supporting EMBL’s internal research ethics committees, providing the secretariat for the EMBL Ethics Board, and for delivering an ethics risk and assurance function.

Applications for approval from the relevant EMBL Ethics Committee or Data Access Committee must be made via our online Ethics Application Portal, which is linked below. All application forms and checklists of documents to be are provided are included on our Bioethics Governance page.

Bioethics Services also run the EMBL Ethics Academy, which provides training on Bioethics, Data Ethics and Workplace Ethics, as well as delivering an engagement workstream. The Science & Society Programme, which focuses on external engagement, aims to create a platform for dialogue and debate, allowing EMBL to examine the ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSi) of scientific research. In addition, Bioethics Services coordinate EMBL REIGN (Research Ethics, Integrity & Governance Network), an internal group created to facilitate open discussion on all ethics-related issues at EMBL.

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Lucia von Bredow

Ethics Lead

Bioethics Services

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Giorgia Renne

Interim Senior Ethics Officer

Bioethics Services

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Flavien Affaki

Bioethics assistant

Bioethics Services


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26 March 2024

Bioethics Services: 2023 in Focus

Although Bioethics Services was established in 2021 to streamline EMBL’s approach to human, animal, environmental and technological ethics, we really came into our own in 2023, launching a number of flagship initiatives that have been years in the making. We’d like to highlight just two…