Systems biology

Heatmap representing the stability of an integral membrane proteins

First results from CSSB

EMBL scientists collaborate to develop new protocol for screening membrane protein…

By Fabian Oswald


The colour of the dots on this ATM keypad represents the amount of a molecule that was transferred from the person’s finger to the keypad.

Mapping molecules on people, fields and ATMs

Molecule mapping method raises interest in forensics, agriculture and microbiome…

By Iris Kruijen


Ceremonial hand-over of the CSSB key:

CSSB: A new approach to infectious disease

Inside the Centre for Structural Systems…

By Rosemary Wilson


Behind the scenes: Building EMBL’s Barcelona site

Silke Schumacher explains how the new EMBL site in Barcelona came into…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

The scientists combined data from a variety of techniques to better understand how rats – and humans – age. IMAGE: Brandon Toyama/Salk Institute

Ages apart

Multifaceted approach reveals how brain and liver age, helps explain why ageing brain loses…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Researchers are developing a clearer picture of the molecular environment of our skin’s surface. IMAGE: Theodore Alexandrov

It’s the economy, stupid

Theodore Alexandrov is using mathematics to analyse the countless molecules produced by our…

By Claire Ainsworth


DREAM challenges

Life is but a DREAM

Crowd sourcing initiative to predict effects of toxic compounds: results of 2013 DREAM…

By Mary Todd Bergman


Oceans endeavour charts 40 million genes

Tara Oceans results reveal climate change insights, and a treasure trove of novel species and…

By Guest author(s)


"Hairclip" protein mechanism

‘Hairclip’ protein mechanism explained

Research led by Teichmann group identifies fundamental mechanism for controlling protein…

By Mary Todd Bergman


Embracing cellular complexity

Cell biologists "underestimate the complexity" of protein interactions, says Toby…

By Lindsay Brownell


Matthias Wilmanns receives his membership certificate

Awards & Honours

EMBL scientists regularly receive prestigious awards - meet the latest…

By Chloe Cross

Lab Matters

The first public nucleotide sequence database turns 25

It was the world’s earliest public database of DNA and RNA sequences and remains Europe’s primary nucleotide sequence resource. The…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


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