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stem cells neurons differentiation

From stem cells to neurons

Scientists at EMBL Heidelberg have investigated stem cells and how they differentiate to become neurons. Their approach included an assessment of the complex interplay of molecules during the differentiation process and generated fundamental new insights into the role of a protein called Sox2 in…

By Fabian Oswald


From cosmetics to blood cells

Morgan Oatley and her colleagues in Christophe Lancrin’s group investigated how haematopoietic stem cells emerge from the endothelium in developing mouse embryos.

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Artist's representation of double helix next to black mouse.

Deleting genes to study how germ cells are born

How embryonic stem cells develop into the germ line

By Patrick Mueller


Studying the molecular features of ageing in human blood stem cells showed that as blood stem cells age, their sugar metabolism increases. IMAGE: Campbell Medical Illustration

Ageing is visible in the way cells use glucose

Researchers from EMBL and Heidelberg University unveil the molecular mechanisms of ageing

By Iris Kruijen


HipSci stem cells

HipSci: The human stem cell bank

Introducing one of the largest collections of high-quality human induced pluripotent stem cells

By Oana Stroe


Blood stem cell differentiation is continuous

Study by EMBL and DKFZ researchers means origins of myeloid leukaemias may need rethinking

By Annika Duda


Chromatin cartographer

EMBL alumnus Jop Kind reflects on the questions that led him to this year’s John Kendrew Award

By Margaux Phares


New EMBL-Hubrecht Institute partnership

EMBL and the Hubrecht Institute signed a 5-year partnership agreement

By Sonia Furtado Neves

Lab Matters

The stem cell equivalent of an anti-wrinkle cream advert. Credit: EMBL/Hanna Sladitschek

Forever young

How stem cells resist change

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Bertone and Smith: Unpacking embryonic pluripotency

Unpacking embryonic pluripotency

Embryology, genomics and bioinformatics combine to identify factors regulating mammalian pluripotency.

By Mary Todd Bergman



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