A scientist (only their hand is visible) inserting a 96-well plate into a sample dispensing device in the Sample Preparation and Characterisation Facility in Hamburg.

SPC Facility in Hamburg supports a new pan-European consortium

The Sample Preparation and Characterisation (SPC) Facility at EMBL Hamburg is one of the founding members of the Molecular-Scale Biophysics Research…

By Dorota Badowska

Lab Matters

Close-up view of the interior of a protein analytics system

Exploring synthetic antibodies to stop coronavirus

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg and Karolinska Institutet Stockholm aim to find synthetic antibodies – known as nanobodies – that bind a surface…

By Marius Bruer


Supporting international research on the structure of the coronavirus

EMBL Heidelberg reopens the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Service Platform to support coronavirus structural biology…

By Anne-Marie Alleaume


EMBL-EBI data centre

Funding for bioinformatics technical infrastructure

Enhancing the world's bioinformatics…

By Oana Stroe

Lab Matters

Facts and figures from Europe PMC

Europe PMC now indexes preprints

Europe PMC adds preprints to its…

By Oana Stroe


Felix Weis at the new cryo-EM service platform.

New cryo-EM service at EMBL Heidelberg

Access to state-of-the-art microscopes and outstanding…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


The most curious genomes in Ensebl. Credit: Spencer Phillips/EMBL-EBI

Curious genomes

What are the strangest genomes in EMBL-EBI's…

By Mary Todd Bergman


3D protein structure on tablet screen

Exploring 3D macromolecules in a flash

High resolution 3D protein structures in a giffy with…

By Oana Stroe


A birdview of European Photon and Neutron sciences campus. PHOTO by ILL

EMBL and ESRF renew collaboration agreement

EMBL and the European synchrotron ESRF extend their Joint Structural Biology…

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Artist interpretation of the database as a cabinet of curiosities

A smart cabinet of curiosities

How open data is changing our pursuit of…

By Oana Stroe


New Crystallography platform inaugurated

A new crystallography platform in Grenoble opens the door to new technological…

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Big data, cool servers

Upgraded server room is ready to take the heat at EMBL…

By Margaux Phares

Lab Matters


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