macromolecular crystallography

A model of Glycine Transporter 1, which is located in the cell membrane. In its lower-middle part, it is bound by its inhibitor, which is a much smaller molecule. At its top, Glycine Transporter 1 is bound by a synthetic mini-antibody, called a sybody.

New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders

Scientists have determined the structure of Glycine Transporter 1. The finding could open new avenues for developing therapeutics for psychiatric…

By Dorota Badowska


A close-up photo of a shiny droplet of liquid that has been placed into one of the wells of a crystallisation plate.

Droplet beauty

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg use droplets of protein solution to grow protein crystals. By exposing the crystals to X-rays, they are able to determine…

By Dorota Badowska

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