A brain hovers over a chess board, lines flow from the hypothalamus to the pieces, symbolising control over reactions to an aggressor and territory.

Should I run, or should I not? The neural basis of aggression and flight

Researchers in the Gross group at EMBL Rome have investigated the mechanism behind defensive behaviour in mice. They have identified a specific area…

By Rossana De Lorenzi


Fly with no wings

What bizarre flies have taught us

Five things researchers have learned from bizarre fruit…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Senses: Fathoming fear

EMBL’s Cornelius Gross wants to understand fear responses and the brain circuitry that governs…

By Guest author(s)


Opinion: Is your mind playing tricks on you?

We catch up with neuroscientist Craig Stark, speaker at the EMBL/EMBO Science and Society…

By Julia Roberti

Lab Matters

Forgetting to learn

Neural mechanisms in mouse brains indicate that we actively forget as we…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


What are you scared of?

What do bullies and sex have in common? Based on work by scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy, it…

By Guest author(s)



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