It’s Lab Ski Day!

Many people working at EMBL are not only colleagues, but become friends in the years they spend here. Shared activities outside regular working hours help to form and shape these friendships.

In winter, EMBL Grenoble – located in the French Alps – is the perfect place for some skiing after work. It is no surprise that the yearly Lab Ski Day at EMBL Grenoble is a well-established tradition, going back to 1989. This year’s event was held at Les Sept Laux, a group of three winter sports resorts about 30 kilometres from Grenoble.

This Picture of the Week, taken by Raphaël Cohen-Aberdam from the Cipriani team, shows that the weather for Lab Ski Day 2020 was perfect. Les Sept Laux greeted more than 50 people from EMBL Grenoble with a clear blue sky.

Credit: Raphaël Cohen-Aberdam/EMBL

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