Graduation Ceremony 2019

Celebrating EMBL’s PhD students

Celebrating EMBL’s PhD students. Thirty-five of the forty-seven graduates attended the ceremony at EMBL Heidelberg on Friday 13 December. PHOTO: Massimo del Prete / EMBL

Forty-seven PhD students from all of EMBL’s six sites were celebrated during EMBL’s 2019 Graduation Ceremony on Friday 13 December.

Together, the PhD students represent 29 countries around the world, and their research topics vary from the epigenetic ageing clock in humans to a structural analysis of the cohesion complex, and the origins of primary tumours and residual disease in breast cancer. All students and their supervisors are listed below.

Michael Boutros, Head of Division at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), gave the keynote lecture during the ceremony.

Training and inspiring the next scientific generation

The EMBL International PhD Programme exemplifies EMBL’s commitment to first-class training and education. Internationality, dedicated mentoring and early independence in research characterise the programme, which is committed to providing EMBL PhD students with the best foundation for a successful career in science.

220 students from over 50 countries are carrying out PhD research at EMBL at any given time. Every year we admit an average of 60 new students, who are among the top science graduates in their countries.
The next call for applications will open in February 2020 and close mid-April, with interviews in July. For more information, see www.embl.de/training/eipp/application/.

EMBL Graduates 2019

Marvin Oskar AlbertFrancesca Peri
Ashna AlladinMartin Jechlinger
Renato AlvesPeer Bork
Chiara BaccinLars Steinmetz
Jørgen BenjaminsenFrancesca Peri
Andrey BolbatCarsten Schultz
Sebastian BrosigPierre Neveu
Mevlüt ÇıtırCarsten Schultz
Theocharis EfthymiopoulosJan Korbel
Mattia FornerisEileen Furlong
Christine HoAlexander Aulehla
Bernhard HörmannMaja Köhn
Philipp HornburgMatthias Wilmanns
Ignacio Alejandro Ibarra Del RíoJudith Zaugg
Eleni KafkiaKiran Raosaheb Patil
Sandra Kozak-RadziochRob Meijers
Daniel KrügerStefano De Renzis
Piotr KrzywkowskiCornelius Gross
Yan LiDaniel Panne
Jakub MacošekJanosch Hennig
Karen Katrina Manalastas-CantosDmitri Svergun
Daniel Elías Martín HerranzJanet Thornton
Sofya MikhalevaEdward Lemke
Enric Mila VilaltaAnne-Claude Gavin
Jack Michael MonahanAnton Enright
Chiara MorelliPaul Heppenstall
Morgan Ann Elizabeth OatleyChristophe Lancrin
Oeyvind OedegaardJan Ellenberg
Riccardo PederzoliThomas R. Schneider
Thomas R. SchneiderJohn Briggs
Branislava RankovićAnne Ephrussi
Luca RappezTheodore Alexandrov
Allyson Quinn RyanTakashi Hiiragi
Hugo Carlos Samano SanchezToby J. Gibson
Sanjana SinghRainer Pepperkok
Marta Julia StrumilloPedro Beltrao
Anna SuekiNassos Typas
Aaron Tan Wai KitJohn Briggs
Jervis Vermal ThevathasanJonas Ries
Jakob Immanuel TrendelJeroen Krijgsveld
Lara Hanne UrbanOliver Stegle
Tina UrodaMarco Marcia
Britta VeltenWolfgang Huber
Carina Beatrice VibeAlexander Aulehla
Ranjith ViswanathanStefano De Renzis
Nadezda VolkovaMoritz Gerstung
Matthias Kopano VorländerChristoph Müller

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