Proteomics Core Facility

This facility provides a full proteomics infrastructure for the identification and characterisation of proteins.

How to send a gel

  • Use a sandwich bag sealing machine (around €20 from any supermarket) and buy a roll of plastic foil (VWR, Cat No: 129-2157, €17)
  • Cut a piece of foil larger than your gel
  • Lay gel between the two layers of the foil

  • Seal the gel in the plastic foil ─ check no liquid leaks from edges or corners
  • Do not fill the plastic foil with millilitres of water ─ a few drops is sufficient to keep the gel moist in transit

  • Place the sealed gel between two pieces of rigid cardboard

  • Secure the gel in place within the cardboard sheets with some tape
  • Take care not to stick the foil to the cardboard ─ this can lead to problems when we are unwrapping the gels

  • Place the protected foil into a padded envelope

  • Don’t forget to include your sample form with the package