Microscopy Facility

Advanced light microscopy support and technology development

Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1

Location: Room 50

System specifications

  • Dual side illumination
  • Ultrafast light sheet Pivot scan
  • 4 axis sample positioning system
  • Sample Chamber holder and overview camera with LED illumination
  • INDIMO 2971: Preparation for retrofit of optics for cleared samples
  • CO2-Module Lightsheet Z.1 (D) to incubate the Sample Chamber Lightsheet Z.1 with CO2-enriched air. Includes: TempModule CZ-LSFM with accessories TempModule S1 (D)
  • XY-stage: motorized
  • Fully equipped for live imaging, temperature and CO2 controlled
  • Software: Zen black for image acquisition multiview processing and alignment and deconvolution, Zen blue for measurements and processing
  • “SWAP” 32TB storage and processing workstation with 96GB RAM – ZEN Software incl. Module “Deconvolution”


  • 2 detection modules: sCMOS PCOedge
  • Effective number of pixels: 1000 x 1000
  • Cell size: 8.0µm x 8.0µm
  • Effective Area: 8.0mm x 8.0mm
  • Max frame rate: 28.1 frames/second
  • Dynamic range: 14 bit
  • Quantum efficiency (peak): > 60%
  • Read out noise at min EM gain: 10 electrons
  • Read out noise at max EM gain: <1 electron


Wavelength (nm)Laser type and powerDyes and use
405solid state laser, 20 mWDAPI
488solid state laser, 50 mWGFP, Alexa488, CY2
561solid state laser, 20 mWRedFPs, Alexa568
638solid state laser, 60 mWCY5, Alexa647

Band pass Filters

FluorochromesBeam SplitterFilter typeEmission
DAPI / GFPLP490DualBP 420-70 / BP 505-45
DAPI / RFPLP510DualBP 420-70 / BP 575-615
GFP / RFPLP560DualBP 505-45 / BP 575-615
GFP / m-CherryLP560DualBP 505-45 / LP 585
GF P/ Far RedLP560DualBP 505-45 / LP 660

Special optics to generate chromatically corrected light sheets

  • Illumination Optics 5x/0.1 (in combination with 5X detection objectives)
  • Illumination Optics 10x/0.2 (in combination with 20X and 63X detection objectives)


5XEC Plan-NEOFLUAR 5x/0,16//
20xW Plan-APO 20x/1,0 UV.VisWater
63xW Plan-APO 63x/1,0 VIS-IRWater

Power up and down procedure

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