Microscopy Facility

Advanced light microscopy support and technology development

MacroFluo Leica Z16 Apo

Location: Room 63

System specifications

  • High-performance stereomicroscope with 12:1 zoom
  • Transmitted and incident light
  • Parfocal optical system
  • High resolution colored CCD camera CD500

Objectives: PLAN APO 1.0X

Eyepieces: 10X/21B

Zoom Factor: 0.57-9.2X


  • CD500 CCD camera with 1300 x 1030 pixel array
  • 1300X1030 pixels: 4,9,16,36 shots for lower magnification objective

Filter cubes

  • G/F/P:-blue-Ex filter:BP470/40-Dichromatic mirror:500-Suppression Filter:BP-525/50
  • CGFP:-violet-Ex filter:BP436/20-Dichromatic mirror:455-Suppression Filter:BP-480/40
  • M2:-green- Ex filter:BP546/14-Dichromatic mirror:580-Suppression Filter:LP590

Power up and down procedure

  • Please contact Alvaro Crevenna to schedule a session
  • Report problems on the Log file

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