Cuylen Group

Cellular phase separation by surfactants

Fellow opportunities

Our group is participating in the 2022 EIPOD-LinC Fellowship Programme call for applications.

Collaborations that are relevant to the call are listed below. Please contact Sara Cuylen-Häring to discuss your project ideas. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with additional suggestions of project directions.

Collaborations and topics

  • Buzz Baum, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK: cell division, chromosome compaction, Archea
  • Svetlana Dodonova, EMBL Heidelberg: cell division, chromosome compaction, Archea
  • Sebastian Eustermann, EMBL Heidelberg: in vitro reconstitution, chromatin, imaging
  • Lars Steinmetz, EMBL Heidelberg: genome-wide screening, image-enabled cell sorting, phase separation