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Methods & Protocols

List of subscribed and Open Access resources that offer access to methods and protocols in Biology.


Methods in Cell Biology

“… Over its many years of publication, Methods in Cell Biology has built up a deep library of biological methods to study model developmental organisms, organelles and cell systems, as well as comprehensive coverage of microscopy and other analytical approaches.”

Methods in Enzymology

“… with over 500 volumes the series contains much material still relevant today and is truly an essential publication for researchers in all fields of life sciences, including microbiology, biochemistry, cancer research and genetics-just to name a few …”

Methods in Microbiology

“… Established for over 30 years, Methods in Microbiology provides ready-to-use “recipes”, and the latest emerging techniques as well as novel approaches to the tried and tested, established methods.”

Springer protocols / Methods in Molecular Biology

Each protocol is provided in readily-reproducible step-by-step fashion, opening with an introductory overview, a list of the materials and reagents needed to complete the experiment, and followed by a detailed procedure that is supported with a helpful notes section offering tips and tricks of the trade as well as troubleshooting advice.


Cold Spring Harbor Protocols

Protocols are presented step-by-step and edited in the style that has made Molecular Cloning, Antibodies, Cells and many other CSH manuals essential to the work of scientists worldwide.

Nature protocols

Nature Protocols aims to publish the protocols being used to answer outstanding biological and biomedical science research questions, including methods grounded in physics and chemistry that have a practical application to the study of biological problems. As the main audience for Nature Protocols articles is research scientists, we only publish protocols that have research applications; thus, we do not publish protocols where the main application is to make decisions that influence patient management and treatment.

Nature Protocol Exchange

The Protocol Exchange is an open resource where the community of scientists pool their experimental know-how to help accelerate research. Discover the protocols, share a protocol, join a lab group, comment on protocols, organize your favorites and personalize your experience.

Wiley – Current Protocols in Cell Biology

Current Protocols in Cell Biology provides methods for basic culture and fractionation of cells; microscopic localization and tracking; and analysis of biosynthesis, modification, and transport of specific molecules.

Wiley – Current Protocols in Molecular Biology

Basic methods for DNA preparation and isolation, library screening, and sequencing have been joined by more advanced procedures detailing DNA-protein interactions, yeast manipulation, and phosphorylation analyses.

Wiley – Current Protocols in Protein Science

Scientists across disciplines have increasingly come to recognize the power of the protein. […] The publication covers both basic and advanced methods used in protein purification, characterization, and analysis as well as post-translational modification and structural analysis.