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New in the collection (06/2023)

An overview of selected new books in Szilárd Library, with a word from their authors, reviewers and publishers

A practical guide to scanning electron microscopy in the biosciences (Wiley-VCH 2023)

By Gerhard Wanner

This book contains hundreds of carefully selected microscopic images, as well as hands-on, step-by-step guidance required to perform a successful TEM experiment. It also explores the process of recoding images and their subsequent analysis, along with a wide range of advanced microscopy techniques, including cryo-SEM, FIB-SEM tomography, and stereo-SEM.

Complexity and complex ecological systems (Elsevier 2023)

By Stanislaw Sieniutycz

Contemporary advanced techniques such as averaged analysis, food webs approaches, and classical optimization results along with some numerical algorithms are commonly used in ecosystems. This book treats ecological systems as specific functional integrities and covers the basic aspects of their modeling, analysis, synthesis, and optimization.

The leader's guide to unconscious bias ( Simon & Schuster 2020)

By Pamela Fuller & Mark Murphy with Anne Chow

Meant for every manager who wants to understand and move past their own preconceived ideas, this book explains that bias is the result of mental shortcuts and our likes and dislikes, and is a natural part of the human condition. What we assume about each other and how we interact with one another has vast effects on our organizational success, especially in the workplace.

Sample preparation in metabolomics (MDPI 2021)

Edited by Julia Kuligowski and Guillermo Quintás

The spotlight of this book is on the latest developments in sample collection, preparation, and optimization for targeted and untargeted analysis using different analysis platforms in a diverse field of applications.

Deep learning in biology and medicine (World Scientific 2022)

Editors Davide Bacciu, Paulo J.G. Lisboa, and Alfredo Vellido

Addressing high impact challenges, this book caters for a wide readership, ranging from machine learning practitioners and data scientists seeking methodological knowledge to address biomedical applications, to life science specialists in search of a gentle reference for advanced data analytics.

Cell biology (Elsevier 2024)

By Thomas D. Pollard et al.

Major new themes in the 4th edition include the roles of intrinsically disordered polypeptides and phase separation in cellular functions, the influence of new molecular structures on understanding mechanisms, and the impact of exciting new methods—from single cell RNA sequencing to second generation super resolution fluorescence microscopy—on advancing our understanding.