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Book Advent Calendar (12/22)

For a festive season there is a festive selection of 24 new books in our collection in the form of an Advent Calendar – find a book for your Christmas break!

To name a few, we are bringing 2022 highlights in popular science (The Science of can and can’t, Scent : a natural history of fragrance, Data Cartels, Planting Clues), skills development (The Shape of ideas, Storytelling with you) and latest textbooks editions (Oxford handbook of invertebrate neurobiology, Lewin’s essential genes).

We are happy to present the first items of our newly formed special collections. First is related to EMBL alumni authors that published non-scientific works such as thriller novel Karkloof Blue by Charlotte Ottter and Tiramisu recipes by Martina Munzittu, while the collection of books supporting the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion awareness brings titles Invisible Women, The Culture Map and Neurodiversity at Work. We thank our colleagues from Alumni and EDI office for help!