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Reopening of workplaces in the library

The Szilárd Library will reopen the workplaces in the reading room on Thursday 08 July 2021. The workplaces have to be booked via the room booking system. Their names in the booking system are: HD2-LIBRARY-1-216-01 to -06

[Please note: DO NOT BOOK the rooms HD2-LIBRARY-1-216A and HD2-LIBRARY-1-216B these are the library offices and can only be used by the library staff]

Hygiene measures

Please disinfect your hands at the hand sanitizing station and wear a mask while in the reading room. Please disinfect your workplace before AND after you work there. Only 8 users will be allowed to be inside the reading room area at any one time plus one person per silent room.


The check-out computer must not be used when borrowing any books or journals from the library.

Instead check-out has to be done via email to library@embl.de. Please just take the media with you and send a mail to the library afterwards including the book/journal title and code. You may return media to the trolley in the corridor outside the Library.

Silent rooms

The silent rooms must be booked in advance via the room reservation system and may only be used by one person. Users of the silent rooms have to clean and disinfect the workplace (i.e. desk and chair) before and after use.

Printer room

The printer room is open again. Only one person is allowed to be inside the printer room at any one time.

Library staff

Library staff continues to mainly work from home. For all requests, please contact library@embl.de.