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BAG proposals

We offer the possibility to submit BAG (Block Allocation Group) proposals for beam time. BAG proposals allow groups of users (e.g. local, regional, national or other research consortia) to merge their projects into one proposal and share the resulting beam time. Beam time awarded to BAG proposals will normally be allocated in regular blocks throughout the year in order to optimise and accelerate access to beam time.

An individual research group must submit a BAG proposal if they wish to apply for beam time for several projects which they would otherwise submit as multiple single proposals.

How to submit a BAG proposal

To submit a BAG proposal, complete the online beam time application form in the EMBL user portal. Before submission, you will need to complete the BAG description, by entering a list of the projects which will be worked on by each Principle Investigator within the BAG, and the sample sheets by listing the samples related to the different projects.

After the initial submission and successful evaluation of a BAG proposal, the awarded beam time is available for the upcoming beam year. To request further beam time, a continuation proposal must be submitted during the next call for proposals.

BAG proposal cycle

  • New submission of a BAG proposal.
  • After 1 year, submission of a BAG continuation proposal and a progress report.
  • After 2 years, submission of a BAG continuation proposal, a full two-year report and research highlights.
  • For future beam time, the coordinator can continue to submit BAG continuation proposals as long as they remain within the reporting cycle (progress report after 1 year and full two-year report after 2 years).
BAG proposal cycle diagramm

Submitting a continuation of an exisiting BAG proposal

To submit a continuation proposal, complete the online beam time application form in the EMBL user portal. To open the application form, select the type of BAG proposal you wish to submit e.g. SAXS BAG proposal and mark the proposal as a continuation by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Proposal Type section and selecting your existing BAG proposal from the drop-down list. The proposal number should then appear in the shaded fields next to the continuation option.

If a BAG continuation proposal is submitted 1 year or less after the initial BAG proposal (or the last full report) was received, the BAG coordinator will be required to submit a progress report.

If a BAG continuation proposal is submitted 2 years after the initial BAG proposal (or the last full report) was received, a full two-year report will be required and up to three one-page research highlights (in PDF format) must be uploaded. 

Completing a progress report or a full two-year report

After completing the beam time application form, the interface for the required report will be accessible via the Proposals in progress overview. Complete all of the sections marked with a red asterisk.

At the end of the full two-year report, up to three research highlights must be uploaded. There is no fixed format for the research highlights but they should be limited to one page per highlight and uploaded in PDF format. To open the upload interface, click on Finalise after having completed the report. When the files have been uploaded and the report is ready for submission, click on Submit.

Please note: For both types of report, no further changes can be made after the report has been submitted.

To submit both the proposal and report to EMBL, the final step is to click on Validate next to the green arrow on the Proposals in progress screen.