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Protein synthesis and translational control


This conference will take place at EMBL Heidelberg, with the option to attend virtually.

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Conference overview

Mechanisms that shape cellular proteomes are critical for life. This conference focuses on the process of protein synthesis, from the molecular and structural understanding of the translational machinery to its regulation, its implications in cell and organismal biology, and its alteration in disease.

The regulation of mRNA translation is critical to maintaining cell homeostasis and mediates cellular responses to environmental, physiological, and pathological cues. Given the central importance of protein synthesis, it is unsurprising that dysregulation or defects in mRNA translation are widely linked to disease, including cancer, neurological or metabolic disorders, and viral infection. In recent years, technical advances have challenged hitherto established dogmas, uncovered new quality control mechanisms, expanded the breadth of translation regulators, enhanced our understanding of the dynamics of translation in living cells, and revealed unexpected interconnections with other cellular processes such as metabolism. Advances in these aspects of mRNA translation will be featured, as well as new insights into translation regulation in physiology and disease.

What past participants say about the conference

This conference is one of the must-attend conferences. The atmosphere is very lively, lots of good discussions. The whole conference is superbly organised. I look forward to attending the next time this meeting takes place.” — Tiina Tamm, University of Tartu, Estonia

“Absolutely loved everything about the conference from the guest speakers and topics covered to the food and organization of the events! I could tell serious detailed planning had gone into the event with a nice flow throughout the week.” — Jin Yeong Kim, Georgia College & State University, USA


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Date: 3 - 7 Sep 2025

Location: EMBL Heidelberg and Virtual

Venue: EMBL Advanced Training Centre


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