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Humanized Mice, Personalized Therapies and Big Data


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Course Overview

Humanized mouse models became an integral part of basic and translational research for the understanding of human diseases and for development of new therapies. The Ebola Virus outbreak has demonstrated the relevance of humanized mouse models for the understanding of emerging diseases and testing new medicines. The same can apply for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Several groups have recently shown that fully human antibodies targeted against pathogens can be generated in humanized mice for future clinical translation. “Big pharma” and biotech companies include humanized mice in the non-clinical development portfolio to test efficacy and safety of anti-cancer drugs to be used in “personalized medicine”. During the last decade these models have substantially diverged among laboratories regarding the mouse strains used, the mouse handling and analyses techniques and sources of human material. This experimental variability is expected as the field is dynamic, but the data documentation and reporting should be better standardized for metadata analyses.

This course will teach the participants the principles of experimental pre-requisites and
harmonized analyses (e.g., flow cytometry, RNA sec and genomic analyses).


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Date: 12 - 17 Jun 2022

Location: EMBL Heidelberg


  • Karl-Dimiter Bissig
    Duke University Medical Center, USA
    • Christian Münz
      University of Zurich, Switzerland
      • Isabel Rollan
        EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
        • J.J. Schuringa
          University of Groningen, The Netherlands
          • Leonard Shultz
            The Jackson Laboratory, USA

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