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C. elegans: from genome editing to imaging


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Course overview

C. elegans is a popular experimental model that combines transparency, reproducible anatomy, traceable cell lineage, sequenced genome and facile genetics, allowing to dissect animal development, physiology, and behaviour across scales of genes, cells and tissues. This 7-day course will present experimental practices in C. elegans research, while introducing historic and up-to-date findings in various research topics.

Each day includes lectures, practicals, students flash-talks and interactive discussions with faculty. A series of methodologies commonly employed in C. elegans research will be presented in parallel practicals with rotating student groups by relevant experts. These experimental techniques span animal maintenance, handling, forward and reverse genetics, genome editing, imaging approaches for live and fixed samples, computational image analysis and other useful web resources. Meanwhile, lectures by internationally established researchers will present a variety of C. elegans research topics, spanning studies of the genome and epigenome, through cell cycle and death, to tissue specification, connectivity and function. A combination of senior and junior speakers will ensure a balanced view of pioneer breakthroughs and recent advances in the topics presented as well as the students’ interactions with researchers of different topics and career levels.


This practical course will be aimed at early career scientists, mostly postdocs and advanced graduate students with an interest in C. elegans. We will target both, participants with no prior experience in working with C. elegans who want to use this model organism to advance their research, as well as experienced C. elegans researchers who want to expand their tool set. The course will cover state-of-the-art techniques that are – or will become – essential for a broad range of research topics and we will therefore target participants with diverse research interests.


The course lectures and practical modules develop in three axes of genes, cells, tissues. It will cover the following modules:


  • Genome and epigenome: structure, function, silencing, environment interactions
  • Cell cycle, division, symmetry breaking, cell biomechanics
  • Cell death and degeneration in development, aging (and genome instability) in disease
  • Tissue specification, transcriptome dynamics, morphogenesis
  • Tissue morphogenesis, cell lineage tracing and forces
  • Tissue assembly, connectivity, activity, cell interactions


  • Web resources for C.elegans research
  • C. elegans handling and genetic manipulations
  • Imaging (fixed/live) cells and molecules
  • Advanced analysis of live images, optogenetics, tracing approaches

Learning outcomes

After this course you should know:

  • The advantages of C. elegans for your research
  • Handling and maintenance of C. elegans
  • Staging and C. elegans life cycle
  • Designing and performing forward and reverse genetics experiments
  • Principles of generating transgenic animals
  • The potential of C. elegans imaging – from live imaging to high resolution imaging, optogenetics and cell tracing
  • Options for analysis of live images, optogenetics, cell tracing
  • Major topics of C. elegans research, historic and recent breakthrough concepts

What past participants say about the course

“The c.elegans from genome editing to imaging is one of the best C.elegans practical courses and I would strongly recommend C.elegans researchers in their early careers to attend this course.” – Somarani Dash, Institute of advanced study in science and technology, Guwahati, Assam, India.

“This course far exceeded my expectations: it was the perfect mixture of theory, hands-onexperiments and networking. An incredible opportunity not only to learn but also to meet peoplefrom all over the world. ” – Antonella Lavatellai, Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics, Barcelona, Spain.

The course has a recommendation rate of 100% from previous attendees.

Please see EMBL’s COVID-19 safety recommendations for testing and other requirements to attend this on-site course.


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Date: 9 - 15 Jun 2024

Location: EMBL Heidelberg

Venue: EMBL Advanced Training Centre


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