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EMBL-EBI Training update | ‘my learning’ is now live!

Take a technical look behind the scenes at some new online features at EMBL-EBI Training.

There’s been a lot happening in EMBL-EBI Training over the past two years, particularly online. There’s been changes to the look and feel of our tutorials, better navigation through the materials, and more interactive ways of learning with new quizzes and activities dotted throughout.

Earlier this year we also launched a new way for our learners to track their progress through our on-demand tutorials and webinars, as well as being able to create a list of favourite items they have enjoyed or might want to investigate in the future.

You’ll need to create an account to start with, but it’s simple to do and only requires your name, an email address, password and your country of residence (we like to know where all our learners visit us from, we truly have a global community).  Once you’ve verified your account, you’re ready to go!

Straight away you’ll notice a difference in our course listings as you’ll spot “mark as favourite” links on all of our on-demand tutorials, webinars, and course materials sets. 

You’ll see the blue heart light up once you’ve added it to your list and it will appear on your personal “My learning” account page. When you start to work through a tutorial make sure you hit the “mark as complete” button at the bottom of every page and we’ll help you keep track of your progress.

Your account will show you how far through the tutorial you are and can drop you back to the last page you’ve visited.

With over 6,500 registered account holders so far, we have learners working their way through a whole range of different materials – all at their own pace.  Those who have also signed up to our mailing list get a quarterly update with new course and feature highlights as well as updates on EMBL-EBI training activities.

We’ve been really excited watching the number of learners – and blue hearts – increase.  We hope to be launching some more functionality later this year – especially useful for those who want to share their learning suggestions with others!

Mark your favourite training

Our learners are at the (blue) heart of what we do, so we are always interested to hear about what they think of what we offer and how usable it is.

Drop into the on-demand learning, test out the new accounts and tell us what you think!

Author: Sarah Morgan.
This blog article was written when Sarah was in-post as Scientific Training Co-ordinator, EMBL-EBI Training

Since leaving EMBL-EBI, Sarah is now Director of Hogsden Consultants and Training Manager for EOSC4Cancer and EATRIS.