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EMBL-EBI Training update | playlists

Collate and share on-demand bioinformatics training with EMBL-EBI Training’s playlists

We’ve heard from many of you that you’re keen to share our on-demand bioinformatics training with others, so we’ve made it even easier. 

You can now create your own playlists of EMBL-EBI on-demand training, including online tutorials, recorded webinars, and course materials. 

To create playlists, you will need to have an EMBL-EBI Training account. You can create playlists by adding content directly from our on-demand listings using the ‘Add to playlist’ option, or by going straight to your ‘My playlists’ page.

Once created, you can generate a shareable link to allow others to view your playlist, including those without an account. We have also included buttons to quickly share your playlists on social media. 

Example screenshot of a playlist from EMBL-EBI Training
Example of a playlist from EMBL-EBI Training

Use a playlist to bring together and share EMBL-EBI on-demand training on your topic of interest. View our example playlist ‘Discover networks and pathways’.

Why create a playlist?

  • Plan your own learning
  • Create a personalised list of learning for your students
  • Share a playlist on social media to engage with others (don’t forget to tag us!)

Register or log in now to create your first playlist.

Article written by Anna Swan, Scientific Training Officer (e-learning), EMBL-EBI Training