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Informing, inspiring, and engaging society with EMBL’s research, services and training

As a publicly funded organisation, EMBL has both a responsibility and an interest to feed back on its work by communicating its innovative research programmes and cutting-edge science, and bringing the questions, concerns and responses of the public to the laboratory.

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Sarah Nguyen

On Book Making

Hi, I’m Sarah, a design trainee from Australia who has been on the EMBL design team for 7 months now. For the past few months i’ve been working on the EMBL Teenager activity book. This book is just one example of the variety of projects the design team takes on. Creating something from…

Tabea Rauscher

Design Burst // February 2019

The Design team are happy to share the visual output from February. We would like to use this post to thank all our colleagues and stakeholders for the great collaboration, input and support on various projects and all kinds of different communications channels.

Tabea Rauscher

Design Burst // September 2018

“Show, don’t tell” has been one of our principles since the first sprint. So we’re going to share some of the 80 or so production requests that we handle every month. All of the visuals below were created in September 2018 based on design requests from various stakeholders from across…

Aleksandra Krolik

Questioning the questions in the EMBL Design Lab

You know what it’s like being new in the job. Every time I start, I’m thinking about making my boss happy while completing tasks without angering the stakeholders (which also wouldn’t help with the former). You feel like plankton in a shark tank. You go with the flow, and you don’t even…

Tabea Rauscher

On EMBL’s graphic design history

“Look back to move forwards” is a well-known saying. Thus, I recently turned to EMBL’s archivist, Anne-Flore Laloë, who helped me to search EMBL’s amazing archive to learn how EMBL has depicted itself through the years. Maybe knowing more about our first visual identity could help us…

Tabea Rauscher

A colour scheme for EMBL

The combination of logo, typeface and colour across different communications channels is at the heart of a distinct corporate design. In the last corporate design sprint, CDsprint 3, we turned our attention to colour.

Tabea Rauscher

What we could have done better in Corporate Design Sprint 2

Here we are hanging out our dirty laundry. As “fail forward” is one of our drivers in the agile work method, learning from what we could have done better in the sprints is as crucial as the achievements of our goals. So here are some useful lessons we have drawn from this last sprint.