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After the coffee… social media two months in

Laura Howes

When I walked into the office on the first of September I fired up the laptop and checked my emails and social media accounts. And then I posted… NEWS: From today I’m @emblorg‘s social media manager. First coffee, who knows what next… — Laura Howes (@L_Howes) September 1, 2016…

Formats for editorial content

Dan Noyes

We often talk about ‘stories’ and ‘articles’ as if they were interchangeable, but they are not. To ensure that we all speak the same language, Adam has been developing some standard formats for editorial content. These include: Announcement Update Feature Opinion Explainer…

Refining our editorial processes

Dan Noyes

We have been having editorial meetings every Monday since April. These involve audience stakeholders (our colleagues from the Office of Resource Development, for instance, who work with potential donors to EMBL) and content producers within our team. The idea is that everyone can pitch stories and…

@embl Twitter handle

Dan Noyes

On 1st September Twitter granted EMBL the use of the @embl Twitter account.  This account had been registered by an individual a long time ago and had remained dormant, which meant that EMBL was using the @EMBLorg handle. This was causing confusion, with many people naturally…

Hello people!

Dan Noyes

In April 2016, EMBL’s Director-General, Iain Mattaj, announced a restructuring of the organisation’s communications functions. Separate units that were previously quite independent – namely the Office of Information and Public Affairs (OIPA), Strategy and Analysis and…