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As others in the team are settling into their new roles, I am fast approaching the exit sign. My nine years at EMBL are almost over, and with just a few months to go, it’s time to take stock of what I have achieved during my time here. And actually I’ve learnt and done a lot. I’m really grateful for all the opportunities and support I have had here and I will really miss my wonderful colleagues when I leave. But for all the things I have achieved there are those ideas and projects that I didn’t have time to explore or follow up. So what else would I like to do, if I had the time?

In no particular order, here are a few things I would like to explore if time were not a factor. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally find the time to explore the one or the other when I leave.

  • explore art and science ideas: artist in residence, art school collabs, artist + scientist collabs, poets?
  • produce more visuals: structural biology core content infographics, photo stories, photo galleries, photo books
  • photowalks / instawalks / collaborations with photoclub
  • explore ideas additional events: science on tap (May 2017 anyone?), science cafes, more networking/ ladies lunches, social meetups on campus, science pub quiz?!
  • social media: instagram takeovers, collaboration with DESY and partners, longer term projects
  • social media talk for scientists, social media support for staff
  • writing (Hamburg) : dig out more stories, across campus, collaboration with partners, more features / long form, longer term pieces, explainers, journalist visits / collaborations
  • Videocasts / podcasts: virtual beamline tours and explainers / staff diaries
  • personal social media presence: increased engagement, work instagram account (already started), development of blog – photo / profile series
  • science graphics: develop Adobe illustrator skills (?!)
  • support editorial team: writing content, training interns?

Any other ideas?!