Alumni Relations

Connecting, engaging and nurturing EMBLs global community of current and former scientists, technicians, communicators and administrators

Join the Alumni Association

How do I join?

To join, please complete our online registration form and the Alumni Relations Office will confirm your membership.

Why join?

EMBL’s alumni represent a unique and growing group of individuals who are actively bringing the EMBL ethos to the wider community, not just in basic research but in industry, commerce, government and education. By joining, you gain

  • Access to, and visibility in, our network through the Alumni Directory
  • Careers support and further opportunities to take on enriching volunteer roles
  • Updates on the latest EMBL and alumni news, events and other initiatives relevant to you

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Together, we aim to further the cause of life sciences at EMBL, in Europe and beyond through our shared energy, passion and expertise.

In order for the network to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, membership is free. However, the Association does incur costs and needs money to carry out its activities. Find out more about giving.

Who is eligible to join?

The Alumni Association is intended for scientists, support staff, members of the administration and visitors who have been at any of EMBL’s sites for a minimum of three months. Additionally, former EMBL Council delegates, members of SAC (Scientific Advisory Committee) as well as former staff of EMBO, EMBL-EM and EMBL Ventures are all eligible to join.

Are there different types of membership?

Yes, there are two types of membership: full and associate.

Who qualifies for full membership?

Anyone listed above as eligible to join and who has been at EMBL for longer than 6 months qualifies for full membership. Full members are entitled to vote and to stand for election to the Board.

Who qualifies for associate membership?

Anyone listed above as eligible to join and who has been at EMBL between 3-6 months qualifies for associate membership. Associate members cannot vote nor can they stand for election to the Board, but they have all other priviliges available to full members.

When does membership end?

Members who return and take up employment, fellowship or visitor status at EMBL will be considered as “dormant” for the duration of such work at EMBL. Membership can be ended by written notice of resignation to the Board, expulsion or death.

Read the EMBL Alumni Association Statutes in EnglishGerman and French.

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