Older male scientist stands in front of machinery in a blue-lit room

Coronavirus vaccine uses EMBL’s earliest virus research

EMBL alumnus Kai Simons did early work with Semliki Forest virus membranes, which is now central to a COVID-19…

By Ivy Kupec


Artists depiction of an adenovirus and in the background a vial of vaccine

How EMBL alumni created a groundbreaking vaccine technology

The story of a life-long friendship and a professional partnership that sowed the seeds for a ground-breaking vaccine…

By Rossana De Lorenzi


The image shows the beamline P12 at EMBL Hamburg. In the centre, several cylindrical elements are connected into a pipe-like structure. In the front, it is connected to a white box-shaped device, and several smaller devices and cables visible around. There is also a grid visible around the beamline.

EMBL facilities support development of RNA vaccines

Biotechnology company BioNTech and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz conduct collaborative research with EMBL scientists at the beamline P12 in…

By Dorota Badowska



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