Screenshot from the online SAXS course. Clement Blanchet, a senior scientist in the Svergun group at EMBL Hamburg, is presenting the P12 SAXS beamline at Petra III to the participants.

EMBL releases online course on solution scattering from biological macromolecules

The Svergun group at EMBL Hamburg has released the course ‘Solution Scattering from Biological Macromolecules’ in an online format for the first…

By Dorota Badowska


Crystal selection for X-ray diffraction experiments.

Investigating the structure and mechanisms of coronavirus biomolecules

While global research on coronaviruses has shed light on the function of many SARS-CoV-2 proteins, the role of some crucial components remains…

By Adam Gristwood


IMAGE: Manon Boschard

X-rays reveal surprising shape of scaffolding protein

X-ray experiments show that scaffolding protein PDZK1 has a L-shaped…

By Iris Kruijen


Intermediate detection in capsid formation of the lumazine synthase enzyme. CREDIT: Aleksandra Krolik / EMBL

Reconstructing 3D shapes from unmeasurable data

Scientists at EMBL Hamburg determine shapes of intermediate states in dynamic biological…

By Iris Kruijen


Erica Valentini. PHOTO: EMBL/Rosemary Wilson

From side-project to valuable resource

Introducing the Small Angle Scattering Biological Data Bank, developed at EMBL…

By Rosemary Wilson

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