deep learning

Protein structure models on background symbolising machine learning.

Pfam releases structures for every protein family

Thousands of new protein structure models, prected using deep learning, now available to…

By Oana Stroe


Haemoglobin protein structure shown over a matrix symbolising artificial intelligence

Solving the protein structure puzzle

How artificial intelligence can help us solve the mysteries of the protein…

By Guest author(s)


Futuristic image of deep learning schema superimposed on computer code

Bringing AI out of the black box

Why should researchers make artificial intelligence more transparent and how can they do…

By Oana Stroe

Lab Matters

A series of images demonstrates the cell cycle trajectory, the first frame in each row shows a cell’s nucleus in grey. As it moves through its life cycle and enters new phases, markers change colour from red to green to pinpoint progression.

Deep learning captures cell cycle

Members of an EMBL-led research group with collaborators in Estonia and Russia have built and trained a deep learning model to better understand how…

By Ivy Kupec



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