Chemical biology

Dark purple image with flashes of orange, gold, pink and paler purple that look a bit like lightning with a small sun-like image in the upper right section of the image

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative recognises EMBL scientists

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has recognised four EMBL researchers with their most recent awards, showing how tech trailblazers are integral to…

By Ivy Kupec

Lab Matters

Promega logo

Promega joins EMBL’s Corporate Partnership Programme

EMBL and Promega collaborate to train young…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters

Alasdair McDowall (left), an EMBL research technician 1978-1987, and Jacques Dubochet (right), EMBL group leader 1978-1987, together in Heidelberg

Alasdair McDowall’s slow road to flash freezing

How a research technician with a master’s degree contributed to Nobel Prize-winning…

By Sarah B. Puschmann


Jacques Dubochet visiting EMBL in 2015 to receive the inaugural Lennart Philipson Award

Jacques Dubochet awarded Nobel Prize for chemistry

EMBL alumnus recognised for cryo-electron microscopy…

By Adam Gristwood


Photo of Andrew Leach, Head of Chemical Biology data services at EMBL-EBI

Welcome, Andrew Leach

Q&A with EMBL-EBI's Head of Chemical Biology data…

By Mary Todd Bergman


In organoid cultures, mouse residual breast cancer cells have elevated lipid metabolism (green). IMAGE: Jechlinger/EMBL

Cell changes drive breast cancer relapse

Hallmarks of residual breat cancer cells suggest new approaches for preventing…

By Oana Stroe


Futures: Phosphatases

ERC grantee Maja Köhn shares her vision for the next ten…

By Edward Dadswell


Illuminating insulin release

EMBL researchers develop an optical method for measuring the release of insulin from single…

By Edward Dadswell


Lipids in real time

A new technique developed at EMBL reveals the way fats interact with other molecules in…

By Edward Dadswell


Human tumour sections expressing Herceptin (red), an antibody engineered by MultiBacTAG to recognize breast cancer cells. IMAGE: Christine Koehler/EMBL

MultiBacTAG: A protein production platform

New platform useful for studies of protein binding, human tissue and…

By Margaux Phares


Cell Chemical Biology cover image (cropped) shows an airplane approaching a runway – a metaphor for a new method developed by EMBL scientists.

Making cells move towards the light

New method enables scientists to use light to direct where cancer cells…

By Sonia Furtado Neves


Maja Köhn. PHOTO: EMBL Photolab/Marietta Schupp

Chemical bonds

Maja Köhn’s lab is ideal to learn what life is like working at the interface of…

By Adam Gristwood

Lab Matters


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