Under the rainbow

Rainbow above the EMBL building in Heidelberg, surrounded by woods.
A rainbow over the EMBL laboratories in Heidelberg. Credit: Daniel Rios/EMBL

From autumn onwards, the city of Heidelberg is often buried under a thick sheet of fog. This phenomenon is caused by temperature inversion in the atmosphere. During an inversion, the higher layers of the atmosphere are warmer than the lower layers, preventing dust and clouds to rise.

EMBL’s location in Heidelberg, halfway up the Königstuhl hill, puts it often right underneath or ⁠–⁠ worse – in the middle of this foggy blanket. On autumn days without Heidelberg’s characteristic fog, however, the surrounding woods present themself in beautiful colours. If you’re lucky like Daniel Rios from the Leptin group, you may even capture a stunning rainbow.

Daniel took this image from the EMBL Advanced Training Centre.

Credit: Daniel Rios/EMBL

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