Busy bees at the ATC

Beekeeper checking one of the hives near the Adacned Training Centre at EMBL Heidelberg.

While many non-essential EMBL staff members are still working from home, other busy workers have started their job outside the Advanced Training Centre (ATC) at EMBL Heidelberg. Local beekeeper Jörg Staffel has set up three bee colonies on the grass slope in front of the ATC building. They will stay here for the duration of the blossom time of the chestnut trees in this area, which is approximately four weeks.

The wooded slopes along the Neckar and Rhine valleys characterise the landscape and surroundings of Heidelberg. One-third of the tree population consists of beech trees, while chestnuts account for five per cent of the trees in Heidelberg.

EMBL is looking forward to a successful outcome of this trial run. The future will probably see a lot more busy EMBL bees and delicious EMBL honey.

Credit: Yvonne Schmitt
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