Springtime in Heidelberg

Due to its geographic location, the city of Heidelberg enjoys a relatively warm climate. While the summers can be hot, the winters tend to be mild with only occasional snow falling on the hills where EMBL Heidelberg is located.

This year’s winter, however, seems to have ended particularly early, as this Picture of the Week, captured by Marius Bruer from the Communication Department, shows. The iconic EMBL Advanced Training Centre – celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – reflects the blue sky, the clouds and the rays of the Sun. In the foreground, trees show not only their first buds but are already a lush green.

Credit: Marius Bruer/EMBL

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Picture of the week

To study the effect of commonly used drugs on bacterial envelopes, EMBL scientists applied a biochemical assay using a colour reaction. The deeper the red, the stronger the disruptive effect of the drug.

By  Marius Bruer

A metal rack holding glass test tubes with yellow and red solutions in them.


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