EMBL leadership comments on the UK’s association to Horizon Europe

EMBL Director General and Deputy Director General respond to the announcement by the European Commission and UK Government

EMBL statement on UK association to Horizon Europe banner on Edith Heard and Ewan Birney photos.
Credit: EMBL Creative Team

We are delighted to hear the news that the EU and the UK have reached agreement on the UK’s participation in the Horizon Europe programme, as we believe that collaboration across national borders is of critical importance to the advancement of knowledge in the life sciences. Indeed, it was in recognition of such a need for international cooperation in the life sciences, that EMBL member states established the European Molecular Biology Laboratory almost 50 years ago. The UK is a founding member of EMBL and the host of EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute. EMBL’s treaty enables our science seamlessly across our host sites and member states, and this international collaboration brings huge benefits, attracting skills and bringing together highly skilled scientists from diverse backgrounds and different disciplines.

Scientists in Europe, in the context of international collaboration, have provided many of the discoveries and tools in biology that have transformed the life sciences. Given the challenges the world faces today, scientific research is more important than ever, and the programmes funded by Horizon Europe will be key to furthering the knowledge required to rise up to these human and planetary health challenges. Enabling scientists to work together across borders and disciplines is essential in delivering science-based solutions to these challenges. 

We would like to applaud the tremendous efforts that went into the agreement on the UK’s participation in Horizon Europe and we believe that this will provide a significant boost to European and global science.

Edith Heard
EMBL Director General

Ewan Birney
EMBL Deputy Director General, Co-Director EMBL-EBI

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