Steinmetz Group

Systems genetics and precision health

EIPOD Fellow opportunities

The following collaborations from our lab provide opportunities for prospective EIPOD candidates to conduct interdisciplinary research.

Please contact Lars M. Steinmetz to discuss your project ideas. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with additional suggestions of project directions.

Collaborations and topics

  • Sara Cuylen, EMBL Heidelberg: image-enabled cell sorting
  • ALMF (Pepperkok Team), EMBL Heidelberg: imaged-enabled cell sorting
  • GSK/Cellzome, Heidelberg: functional genomics
  • Judith Zaugg, EMBL Heidelberg: functional Genomics
  • Oliver Stegle, DKFZ/EMBL Heidelberg: functional Genomics
  • Nassos Typas, EMBL Heidelberg: infection Biology
  • Wolfgang Huber, EMBL Heidelberg: multi-omics, statistical computing
  • Justin Crocker, EMBL Heidelberg: gene regulation, development